How it all began….the really short version

It wasn’t too long ago when getting a decent beer out and about at restaurants or bars was hard to come by.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am that those days are behind us.  Breweries have popped up all over, including here in Southwest Florida, which means awesome local beer is available pretty much everywhere these days.

It also means that breweries need things to operate -like tap handles for example!  My tap handle business got started thanks to a friend opening up a brewery (Ryan Bowen and Palm City Brewing).  He needed handles and I was handy enough with the right skill set and proper tools to get some made.  I didn’t think I would do much besides make handles for him, so I simply registered my business as Palm City Tap Handles.

Well, tap handles led to bottle openers, which led to taster flights, which led to jockey box covers, and the list continues.  I had no idea some of these accessories existed a few years ago, let alone that I’d be making them and selling them all over the country.

I’ve been a beer snob ever since my first Pete’s Wicked Ale as an underage drinker in the late 80’s, so to be able to make products for people that make incredible beer has been pretty satisfying these last few years.

Enjoy a local cold one soon, and be good, beer friends!